As qualified and experienced chemists, we can advise you on treatments for minor ailments that don’t require a visit to the doctor. But if we think you need to see a doctor, they’re just upstairs from us here in Half Moon Bay. We work closely with Marina Medical to meet all their prescription dispensing needs too. 

Our pharmacy offers full prescriptions services and we have a great range of over-the-counter medicines and health supplements. We also have a large natural health section linked to our online business at

We can pre-pack your medications for you with weekly or monthly medico compliance packaging, and our driver Bill runs a daily delivery service if you can’t make it in to see us. We can take your blood pressure, and handle ear piercing, and soon we’ll be ableto offer vaccinations. You can even post your mail in our NZ Post shop whilst here.And we offer Fly Buys points with any purchase.

As you local pharmacy we have the expertise, services and products to support your health and wellness needs. We genuinely care about you and are here to provide qualified advice to see you right.

We love people. Everything we do revolves around our customers. Our retail manager Chip is well known in our community. She’s been a big part of it for over 40 years and has a real family touch that people warm to.

Our People

We have a great team of eight diverse individuals who are dedicated to helping you manage your health and wellness needs. Between us we speak four different languages including English, Afrikaans, Cantonese and Korean. So far we’ve been able to converse with all our customers.

Here’s a little bit of inside knowledge about the people behind Unichem MarinaPharmacy.

Brenda Fisk

Principal Pharmacist

Brenda is our fearless boss. She knew she wanted to be a pharmacist when she was just 14 years old! Brenda loved visiting pharmacies as a teenager and thought, ‘that’s me!’ So she qualified with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Rhodes University in South Africa and never looked back. Yes, she’s the one who also speaks Afrikaans.
Brenda arrived in New Zealand nearly 20-years ago, in 1995. She’s worked in retail pharmacies ever since. As a real people-person, Brenda loves dealing direct with her customers and providing them with great service. Speaking of great service, Brenda continues to support her community outside of work as a member of Rotary. And she’s also involved with Trees for Survival.



TK moved to New Zealand from Korea when he was 16 years old. He joined us a couple of years ago to do his internship, then stayed on as a qualified pharmacist. He did a great job getting to know how we work and what our customers expect from us. Even though TK is young, he provides a great service and is well respected by our customers.

Chip Langford

Retail Manager

Chip has been in the industry since she left school. She’s something of an institution in these parts, with customers coming great distances to see her. Chip’s not only well known and loved, but she’s fantastic at her job too. She’s also community minded having coached netball to young people through to adults. She’s never afraid to ‘chip’ in and is an absolute angel to us here.


Qualified Technician

Kathryn is Brenda’s daughter and is a great asset in the pharmacy. She decided she wanted to work in the dispensary, so gained her qualifications. Today she’s able to do what a pharmacist does, but one of our pharmacists signs off on the final script.

Kathryn is really personable and enjoys working with her Mum each day. She’s very knowledgeable about the dispensary, front of shop, and the Post side of the business as well as running our online natural health business,


Pharmacy Assistant / Front of shop

Tash assists in the pharmacy and works in the front of shop. She’s growing into her role really well, learning the ropes and getting to know our customers. Tash’s friendly face is probably the first you’ll see when you visit us.